Aquaponics, in a nutshell, is the process of creating a micro-ecosystem by combining aquaculture and hydroponics similar to processes found in nature. By raising fish and growing vegetables within an enclosed system, we are able to provide fertilzer to our plants, while our plants create a natural filter for the water which is cycled back to the fish.

This allows us to avoid using chemical fertilizers that you would find in the stores. Even some of the ‘Organic’ fertilizers being sold in the stores are allowed a certain amount of chemical additions. This is why we have chosen to practice deep organic methods of food production on the farm. To create the greatest yield of sustainable local crops for our customers.


Hoop-HousesWe also use poly-tunnels (aka hoop houses) to create a growth environments for our plants that allows us bountiful yield even in the dead of winter under several feet of snow.

The unique combination of desert air, high altitude, and varied seasonal climates in Utah creates a variety of vegetables that offer a delicious, unique flavor that is hard to find anywhere else.