Annual Plant Sale

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Plant Sale

We love what we do, and we want to help you do it too! As much as we enjoy providing top shelf Beyond Organic food to our community, we also want to encourage and facilitate individuals and families who grow their own food. A solid relationship between local farms and home gardeners will help to reinforce community resiliency and independence, and is the single most important thing we can do to dismantle the stranglehold that chemical companies have on our food supply!

We have made a few changes this year. After feed back from our clients last year, we will be using both cow pots and reused plastic containers. We teamed up with a local landscaper and they saved their flower containers and gave them to us instead of dumping them in the landfill. We made this decision due to people getting back home, the labels had fallen over during travel and they had no idea what they where planting where. That makes for a pretty interesting mystery garden, but very difficult to plan proper spacing. So this year, you will know what you’re planting and where. If it is in a plastic container leaving the farm it has already had it’s expected life, we brought it back from the dead and it’s living it’s second life or possibly more. ūüėČ

We have also changed buying “specific gardens”. You will see we have certain variety’s we recommend for certain types of gardens. We will have these suggestions printed out on pick up days to help you choose, but we will not sell these packages preassembled due to some crop failure last year, and honestly trying to guess or imagine what people would want to grow, or prefer to grow in there “full garden” was pretty difficult. This year we are just selling preorder quantities.

  • This spring, we are once again offering robust plant starts to help you get your garden going. We feel our starts will be hands down the best around, for the following reasons:
    • ¬†We start our plants in soil blocks,¬†a growing method that produces healthy starts.
    • Biologically Active!¬†Our soil is made with biologically rich vermicompost to inoculate the roots with beneficial microorganisms, as well as blessed several times with compost tea.
    • GMO free & open pollinated!¬†To allow our home gardeners to save their own seeds to perpetuate the cycle of independence.



Place your order by April 29th to get these smoking deals on starts. Best prices around and far and away the highest quality of starts.

Any 15 Plants only $55

Any 25 Plants only $80

Any 50 Plants only $135

Any 100 Plants only $250

To place your order simply click on the store tab.Select the number of plants you’d like and check out. ¬†Then come to the farm (2402 W Main St. Lehi UT)¬†May 11th Noon-6PM, May 12th 10AM-2PM or May 19th Noon-6PM at Redmond Heritage Farms- Sugarhouse location (2209 So Highland Dr, SLC UT).

Here’s the plants we are currently growing. ¬†Come the first day for best selection.

Sungold Hybrid (orange cherry)
Moskovich Heirloom (red slicer)
Brandy Wine Heirloom (pink)
Cherokee Purple Heirloom (Purplish slicer)
Striped German Heirloom (orange and yellow slicer)
DeMilpa Tomatillo Mexican Heirloom
Sun Sugar Hybrid (reddish orange cherry)
Yellow Pear Heirloom (Petite salad)
Blush (Yellow & red striped cherry)
Verona Hybrid (Roma, paste, sauce)
Jasper Hybrid (Red cherry)
Sakura Hybrid (red cherry)
Paisano Hybrid (Roma, paste, sauce)
Black cherry (Dark cherry)
Martha Washington Hybrid (pink slicer)
Beefsteak (Red slicer)
Speckled Roman (Roma, paste, sauce)

Sweet Sunrise Hybrid (Yellow orange bell pepper)
Yankee Bell Pepper (Traditional bell pepper)
Sweet Chocolate (Chocolate colored bell pepper)
Lunchbox Peppers (multi colored sweet peppers)

Hot Pepper
Early Jalapeno
Bangkok Hybrid (very hot thai chile)
Poinsettia Hybrid (multi colored fruit)
Tequila sunrise  Hybrid (green to orange fruit)
Hot paper lantern (Asian habanero)
Red flame Hybrid (cayenne)
Habanero (you know what this is)
Thai Chili Hybrid (very hot Thai pepper)

Marketmore (Traditional Cucumber)
Northern Pickling (Pickeling Cucumber)
Lemon Cucumber (Small round yellow Cucumber can be eaten fresh or pickled)
Striped Armenian (8″-18″ fruits)

Sarah’s Choice Hybrid (Cantaloupe) 
Savor Hybrid (French melon with orange flesh) very sweet
Honey Orange Hybrid (Orange honeydew)
Sorbet Swirl Watermelon Hybrid (pastel swirl red&yellow)
Little Baby Flower Watermelon Hybrid (Baby watermelon)

Summer Squash
8 Ball Hybrid (Dark green round zucchini)
Y Star Hybrid (yellow patty pan)
Yellow Crookneck 

Winter Squash
Tuffy (Acorn)
Pinnacle (Spaghetti)
Georgia Candy (Orange Hubbard)
Blue Ballet (Small Hubbard)

Herb Plants
Mammoth Basil
Italian Large Leaf Basil
Spicy Globe Basil
Italian Large Leaf Parsley
Curly Parsley
Mammoth Dill
Lemon Balm

Beneficial Insect Plants
Marigold, variety

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